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  •  PHASE 1 : Cellular Cleansing & Digestive De-Stressing
  •  PHASE 2 : Detoxing For The Liver & Kidneys
  •  PHASE 3 : Mobilizing & Burning The Body Fat
  •  PHASE 4 : Re-Feeding The Body & Hormone Balancing
seven day shred

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    No Calorie Counting Or Weighing Your Food

    Nobody wants to have to weigh and measure their food and track calories 24/7 and so you don't have to with this plan as we have designed it be as stress free as possible and to make weight loss REAL simple and EASY to follow.

    Flexibility To Include Your Favourite Foods

    How many diets have you tried that have made you give up your favourite foods? Well, we have made it is possible for you to be able to lose weight and still indulge in some of those treats; and so our plan shows you how you can reach your weight loss goals and still keep those favourite foods in your diet.

    Plan, Prep, Eat, Repeat

    This plan has a simple 7 day format that can repeated or cycled and we will show you how to not only put meal plans together but how to include lots of healthy variety into too.

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Unleash The Body Fat & Years Of Toxic Build Up


Detox Smoothies

Our smoothie recipes and videos not only provide you with the tools to rid your body of toxins, but their ingredient combinations are uber nutritious and will help boost your energy levels too.


Buddy Workouts

Success rates and adherence levels are higher when you work out with a friend or buddy; and so check out our partner workouts that will make your exercise routine more fun.


Easy Meals

You will get a comprehensive list of foods and easy to follow meal suggestions to ensure that each phase is easy to follow. Sign up for our "180 Premium" and get customized meal plans.


Ripped & Lean Workouts

We are not counting calories, but included are workouts that match your nutrient intake, that do not require gym membership but which will MAXIMIZE your FAT LOSS and get you RESULTS!


Sleep Deprivation

Did you know that poor sleep habits are a #1 reason for binge eating and sweet cravings? We will show you how to sleep smarter and sleep your way to skinny.


Reduce Stress Reduce Fat

Cortisol levels rise around 5% after eating a meal, but if you are overweight it can rise by over 51% which will affect your ability to sleep and will deposit excess fat around your mid-rift.


Desserts To Die For

We promised that you would not have to eliminate your favourite foods from this program, and that is true, but we will give you lots of dessert and sweet options that are super healthy too.


Banish Sugar Cravings

Sugar addiction is REAL! But sugar is not only making you sick and fat; it is negatively affecting your ability to handle stress; it stops you from sleeping and is affecting your brain.

detox cells


Health is created at a cellular level, and if you don't feed and fuel the body from a cellular level, then your body thinks that it is starving.
And for this reason, you cannot simply just "detox" the body.

You have to get it ready for the process by de-stressing the digestive system, and getting it primed and ready for the detox process.

So this phase is super important as the foods will relax your gut and make the whole detox process way easier and more effective.


Day 1+2

detox phase 2


Once the digestive system has been primed and is now relaxed, it will be more receptive to the detox processes.

This phase will last 2 days and the recommended foods will boost and support your liver health.

A detox will not happen in just 2 days, as years of built up food bourne and environmental toxins can take a long time to flush out, but this phase will encourage your body to decrease inflammation caused by those toxins and to begin to rebuild health.


Day 3+4+5

body fat


Now that we have the digestive system relaxed, and your body is now happy to eliminate some of those toxins, we now want your body to release some of those body fat stores.

So this is your "fat mobilization" phase where your body will release the fat stores from your fat cells and use those fat stores for energy.

And when we have efficient fat cells, our body will manage our blood sugar levels better and you will have less insulin dysregulation.


Day 6



For any health and nutrition program to be successful, it is vitally important for the body not to perceive your nutrition changes as "deprivation" and so this final phase provides hormone balancing in the form of "re-feeding" the body.

But re-feeding is not binge eating or overindulging, but it is strategically fueling the body to encourage positive body composition changes and weight loss, at the same time as still allowing you to enjoy a dessert or glass of wine.....


Day 7


REAL People with REAL Struggles but with REAL Results

before 1

Finally After Years Of No Success

I struggled for years and years, trying diet after diet to lose the weight, and nothing worked; until I began working with Karen and Richard who showed me that nutrition doesn't have to be complicated and that their protocols allow you to cycle the plan and to take time off for social events or holidays, without any negative effects or weight gain. And these were my 6-week progress photos.



This Plan Is Not Just For Women  watches

I lost 50lbs and went down 5 pant sizes. Dropping so much weight means I can move around easier, and I have way more energy to run around after my grandkids and it means that I can keep up with them now.     








FOUR yes FOUR pregnancies later!

My weight rose to a whopping 204.2lbs during my fourth pregnancy and didn't think after having so many children that I would ever be able to get back to my pre-baby weight, but I did it, losing all of those 58.2lbs and 31.2lbs of body fat; and I am so thrilled with the results.






I Learned That It Wasn't Just The Number On The Scale That Mattered  



These were my 12 week progress pictures; I had only lost 10lbs at the time the photo was taken, but I learned new posture techniques; I have more energy; I am sleeping better; and I still continue on my improved health journey and am loving how my body changes more than the number on the scales.     




To find out more about the Seven Day Shred check out this episode of the Healthy Half Hour Podcast 


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